Denim Aftershave Black 100ML- Italy

SSB-Aftershave Black 100ML- Italy
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Product description

The Denim After Shave - Black  is formulated to suit your after shave needs and give you a satisfying smooth finish for the whole day ahead. The Denim Black is an after shave that presents a rich and strong denim fragrance that stays with you so your self appeal is instantly heightened and your persona attracts everyone’s envy. You can now get that most desired clean shave with just a change in the product you pick and your choice will leave you with more benefits than before.

This after shave suits all skin types, so you can stop worrying about skin damage and thank Denim’s perfect skin care. This soothing after shave lotion forms a shield of resistance over your skin, protecting your from razor burns and irritation all day long. Remember to apply this lotion generously over your shaved skin and you will see how the potion helps keep your skin free from germs and allergens thus avoiding future infections. The perfect blend of this lotion supplies hydration to your skin after every shave, ensuring that your skin is moisturized and left feeling fresh and soft.

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