Terms & Condition

In the interest of increasing the quality of service and smoothing the customer experience, this condition of terms.

1. Order Policy

1.1 Customers can make a place their orders through three processes.

  1. facebook.com/ShaverShopbd
  2. instagram.com/shavershopbd

1.2 Order will be confirmed by the CS Team of Shaver Shop Bangladesh. In that case, CS Team will call the customer to confirm the order that is in Cash on Delivery. But, if the customer fully pays the amount of the order then CS Team will not call the customer but the customer will get a confirmation message or the order will be updated to confirm and it will be visible on the customer’s account.

1.3 After confirming the order will be delivered inside of Dhaka metropolitan area in 3 to 5 working days and outside of Dhaka, it will take 3 to 7 Working Days.

1.4 If a lockdown or movement situation is critical in a particular area or city, the customer will need to consider the matter and extend the time sufficiently.

1.5 If the customer makes a mistake in giving his/her address or contact number while placing the order and if the delivery company fails to deliver it and returned it to Shaver Shop Bangladesh, then the customer will be bound to accept the order by paying one more delivery charge.

1.6 If any kind of technical or QC issue happened at the order after confirmation then it will be informed to the customer within 24 working hours. After that customer can switch to any other model or can apply for a refund if the order amount is paid in advance. Refunds will be processed by payment gateway and bank method also it will take the time that is mentioned in condition 5.2.

2. Stock Policy

2.1 Shaver Shop Bangladesh is always active in providing an accurate service to its customers, but if the SSB team found any kind of technical issues on this website or if the ordered item failed in QC then the team of Shaver Shop Bangladesh can cancel the order. In this case, the customer will be informed circumstance issue by the team of Shaver Shop Bangladesh.

2.2 The stock of a product and its price are determined by considering the market and state economic criteria. So the SSB authorities can increase the value of the product price at any time if it is needed. SSB authorities are also able to declare out of stock in any product.

2.3 Shaver Shop Bangladesh will not be obliged to sell any out-of-stock item. Moreover, Shaver Shop Bangladesh also sells extra trimmer accessories but it depends on the demand of customers and market availability. So, If any customer wants any extra accessories of trimmer that is been bought from Shaver Shop and the stock of accessories isn’t available then the team of SSB will not be obliged to give it to the customer.

3. Delivery Policy

3.1 Shaver Shop Bangladesh delivers its order by the renowned delivery company of Bangladesh. Almost every delivery company takes 3 to 5 working Days inside of Dhaka metropolitan area and 3 to 7 working days are needed to deliver the item all over Bangladesh. But, if Shaver Shop Bangladesh announces any kind of Campaign and customer order under the campaign then the delivery will take a maximum of 12 working days.

3.2 Customers must make an unboxing video as soon as they receive the product and if they encounter any problem with the product, they must report the problem immediately by sending the video to Shaver Shop Bangladesh CS Team. In this case, Social Media is a good way to get priority-based service.

3.3 The customer must check the product of his scheduled order by paying in front of the delivery man. In this case, if the customer complains of missing any accessories after the delivery man leaves, it will not be accepted.

3.4 After receiving the product from the front of the delivery man, if any customer complains about any kind of problem-related to the product, then the service will be provided considering the issues covered by the warranty. Section 4 of the Terms will be followed for matters covered by the warranty.

3.5 The customer is highly recommended to check their order in front of the delivery man to avoid risk. If the customer can’t be able to check it in front of the deliveryman and he/she faces any kind of missing or found any types of machinery issues then SSB Team & Currier Company will not take any allegation.

3.6 If the customer opens the brand intake seal of the product after receiving the product, then the customer will be bound to accept it. Also, the customer will not be able to return the product even after using it.

4. Return Policy

4.1 The customer can return the product if he wants, but in this case, the customer can’t break the product intake seal or trial the product. It is also mandatory to pay the full delivery charge to the customer in case of a return.

4.2 Only product returns from Shaver Shop Bangladesh Delivery Man are acceptable. In this case, the customer cannot apply for a return or exchange if the delivery man leaves the place of delivery after receiving the customer’s product.